A Back to School Prayer

This is obviously dated. It's last year's post. Though sadly there continues to be global unrest and profound challenges to political and personal peace. I can't speak to the VMAs except I hear Suge Knight's been shot six times and a back-up dancer for Nikki Minaj has been assaulted by a large snake...so there's that. Tomorrow, Sweet Girl goes to a new school ON THE BUS and Little Man moves to a new classroom. I am a mess. But prayer helps; bring on the repeat!

Dear Lord,

I know you're busy.  I mean there is unrest everywhere in the world.  There are hungry children, and disease, and people not playing nicely.  There are good people that are worried and hurting and at a loss for how to see you or hear you in the world.  And then there's what Miley Cyrus did at the VMAs last night.  You've got your hands full there.  (PS Thanks for the NSYNC reunion.  That was pretty boss.)  But if I could just add my voice to the cacophony of voices and pleas that you must hear on a second-to-second basis....

Little Man is happier than he appears.  Promise.
It's back to school time.  And I know you already know that for this family that means me and the kids.  Sweet Girl will be entering kindergarten after a good year in the junior kindergarten program.  Little Man will be returning to his room at day care.  I'll be back in my room for middle school Social Studies.  This summer we have had a wonderful time enjoying your creation; the beautiful wide open spaces of central Illinois, the vast love and unconditional acceptance of family, the creativity and technology (and popcorn) that allow us to see movies like Monsters University and Planes, and a pilgrimage to the homeland - Disney World - where you reminded me that the dreams of a child make their own kind of a miracle.  It was a great summer.  Now it's time to move on. 

So please, help me, Lord.  Help ease my heart (and my blood pressure) that this is what is best for my children.  Help me understand that the challenges my children face just getting in their respective buildings will help them realize that they are capable of doing anything; that school is just one of many things in life that they will be able to conquer. Remind me that though they are tiny, they are strong of body and heart.  Please help me remember that what I see in them; courage, curiosity, kindness, strength, will be visible to others as well.   Help my daughter find words to ease her anxiety.  Help my son find a way to connect with others.  Help their teachers' eyes see them and their ears hear them.  Help the miracles you gave to me seem like miracles to someone else.  Also, and this is a tall order so I get it if it's a bridge too far for you, please help us get out the door in the mornings without a meltdown betwixt the three of us.

As a teacher, please help me be what I hope others are for my children.  Allow my eyes and ears to see and hear the miracles that other parents allow me to be with during the school day.  Give me a heart big enough to love middle school students during hormonal outbursts, deodorant failures, and growing pains of every kind.  Please help me make my students feel as special as they are and appreciated for being themselves.  Help me make it understood that trying is more important than perfection, and when I forget to apply that to myself please remind me.  Oh, and please encourage more awesome teachers to post on Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest (big time savers!).  Help my bulletin boards be fade-free, my emails sound intelligent, my lessons be effective, and the need for Incident Reports disappear.

I know it's a lot to ask.  I know there are bigger fish for you to fry and more loaves of bread for you to manifest from nothing.   So I'll just thank you now for listening and I'll get back to sharpening pencils. 



  1. Oh, I have so many conflicted thoughts about school. Plus, I just came to you from reading a post on Unschooling, which is basically home schooling without any rules! And I know it won't happen (the unschooling) but after last year with Five I'm more than a little nervous about sending them all off to their various institutions of higher, middle, and lower learning. So, I will send a similar prayer out for us both, except that I only have to live with the hormones and deodorant failures, not TEACH them. God bless you.

  2. My brain just froze up at the thought of homeschooling with no rules. I just . . .
    No. Brain frozen.

    So as to the prayer? Amen.

  3. Sarah, I have all the faith in you, that you can carry this thru with your beautiful daughter, & handsome young son. About your teaching the other young ones, that will be a snap for you. Also with your trust in the lord it will all work out fine. You have a wonderful husband to back you up. Hang in there kid cause it will all work out. Love Auntie.


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