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Draft 15

Have you ever read the perfect love story?  Have you picked up a book and got lost in the rush of emotions, the push and pull of two people who finding their way to a sum that is greater than their parts?  Felt the dawn of someone waking to the realization that there is another person who may or may not be like them, but is their alike nonetheless?  Reveled in the ordinary magic created by steadfast and constants between two people?  Probably, you have.  And even more likely, someone has had several thousand (usually unsolicited and unnecessary, so keep your thoughts to yourself until book club, Brenda mmmkay?) reasons why that isn't the perfect love story.  Happens all the time.  I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and declared it The Most True and Authentic Teen Love Story For All-Time- plaque at engraver's- and passed it off to many a good friend with the promise that it is A Great Love Story.  Many agreed with me, possibly under duress as I glowered at them from a…

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