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Author's Note
I began writing this at the end of this summer; when the sun was still bright and the humidity high enough to make me question whether air was a gas or a liquid and when Sean returned home in enough time to retire from the U.S. Army before the kids and I began a new school year.  But I got swept up in the chaos of those moving parts and those moving emotions and I neglected to actually finish and post this.  The timeframe is wrong, but the sentiment is accurate.  Happy Veteran's Day.  My sincere thanks and gratitude to all who have and still serve.
There are momentous things afoot here.  Back to school is upon us.  Sarah Jessica Barker is in talks for a canine modeling career.  Sweet Girl has nearly perfected playing the role of every orphan, as well as the titular orphan, in the movie version of Annie.  (Sarah Jessica Barker plays an aloof and somewhat reluctant Sandy, by the way.)  Little Man has lost two teeth, caught 4 Pikachus, and perfected the difficult tas…

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