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Choose Your Own Adventure

There's a series of books that allow the reader to make decisions for the protagonist.  As the reader learns more, they decide the trajectory of the main character.  Let's say the main character sees a mysterious object in the middle of the road.  Should she pick it up?  Leave it alone?  If you think she picks up the mysterious object in the middle of the road she's traveling, turn to page 76.  If she leaves it alone, continue to the next page.  Each decision leads to another until there is a resolution.  The appeal is that the story is different every time you read it if you're willing to make different decisions, AND that the reader has ultimate control of the story's plot and length.  I loved these stories when I was younger.  These decisions were fun to make.  They had little consequence on my life and I could go back and re-do as many times as I wanted.  As an adult, I realize that this concept is a thing of beauty.  What's not to love about very clear cou…

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