Merry Christmas!

You're right, I should be playing with my children as they run around in a sugar-induced craze of wrapping paper and new toys. But instead I'm writing a quick note to say that I hope you all have a very wonderful day full of memories made and memories in the making. Sweet Girl wants to watch the Grinch and Little Man wants to play with the 500 different varieties of cars he received, so I should probably pay attention to them or something of that sort. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Little CheeseIts! (Sweet Girl gets an A for enthusiasm but a C+ for pronunciation.)

Also, I'd like to thank my lovely husband for this wireless keyboard for my iPad which makes it easier to ignore my children while writing about them. God bless us, everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas, Gallaghers, one day late! Oh, who's counting-the whole week is Christmas to us. In fact, I will offer Happy New Year wishes in advance, in case you forget to ignore your children and post on that holiday!


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