Food Bag Update

Sweet Girl and Little Man are both sick, as am I.  It's not pretty around here.  Even Oreo is down (he acted a fool when Ms. Carrie came for our ABA in-take interview and overexerted himself) and forced to act like a real dog.  That is to say, he has to sit on the floor rather than the furniture.  I'm thinking of putting in a ramp off the back deck so I don't have to carry him up and down the steps every time he has to go to the bathroom, especially since he has a bladder the size of a baby hummingbird's.  Then again, that conjures images of Sweet Girl strapping Little Man on the plasma car and sending him careening down said disabled doggie ramp.  Hhmmm....

Anyway, this post actually isn't about Sweet Girl and Little Man.  It's just a quick update on the food bag project I've given myself.  Shortly after I posted my intentions to do this, I received a donation from a friend in the mail.  I won't use her real name, as I didn't ask her if I could and she has a reputation of bad-assness she has to maintain.  And giving money to kids who may or may not be Bruce Pearl fans would hurt her street cred.  Suffice to say, it was extrememly nice of her to do and I wanted to make sure she knew it was appreciated and what I did with the money.

After discussing this project with Ms. Sara it became apparent that it's resources to buy food that's lacking (not the actual ability/want/desire to provide or lack of means of preparation) for these kids and their families.  In other words, there is someone there who would make the food if the food was provided.  So I switched the items in the bag a little.  They're still pretty easy to make but definitely require an adult, you know because adults are tall enough to reach a stovetop.  The food bags were dropped off yesterday after school (with two sick kids in the back seat greatly unamused by the whole event) and they'll go home with the kids today.

This is what our Project Oprah $20 donation provided (times 3, this is per family):
penne pasta
pasta sauce
can of corn
can of peas and carrots
loaf of bread
half dozen eggs

A big "Thank You" to one of the world's greatest Cardinals fans and future public librarian.  :)


  1. You, my dear, just got yourself some Fort Meade yard sale money. Let's hope these people can yard sale like they can in Clarksville, TN!

  2. Good Job! It is nice to know that someone actually would fix the food and isn't just ignoring the child they brought into this world. Makes packing the bags a little easier when you know it doesn't have to be something a 4 year-old has to fix.

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