We're not players. We just crush a lot.

Seeing as how the month of December has arrived, I can now declare November "The Month of Crushes" in Sweet Girl and Little Man's world.  All of our hearts were a little crushed sending Sean off at the beginning of the month, but in true short-attention-span style the Littles moved on when something shiny caught their collective eye.  I won't bore you with all the crushes happening around here but in true I'm-writing-this-blog-to-talk-about-my-kids style, I'll hit the highlights.

Little Man has a crush on everyone.  Yep, everyone.  He's a smiler.  He flashes his three teeth like they're orthodontic currency and he's balancing the budget.  He and I went to Walgreen's earlier this week to get some cold medicine.  We were there for 25 minutes because the cashier called two associates up from the back to talk to Little Man.  He smiled.  And then he smiled some more. He babbled and then tucked his head down on my shoulder, still looking at the ladies.  They would have had us in there all day but thankfully another customer walked up with their items.  And then Little Man smiled at that guy. And he wanted to talk to Little Man.  I wanted to go home and take my cold medicine.  I mean, yes, he's a charmer but he also gets heavy after awhile.  Give a mother a break. 

But Little Man is not the only one pouring on the charm lately.  It seems Sweet Girl has a crush at school.  That's right.  She's three years old and seems to have picked herself a boyfriend in her pre-k class.  Mr. Dreamy Eyelashes (name changed to protect his identity) is non-verbal and has motor planning issues, so he has a variety of cool things to help him get around.  This is a match made in heaven.  Sweet Girl won't be pressured to talk AND she can be in charge of some wheels.  There are many things I love about my daughter, but the fact that she sees advantages where others see deficits is high on the list.  All the students in Sweet Girl's class (including Sweet Girl) are there because of something they lack.  But in Sweet Girl's world they aren't any different from anyone else and in some cases they're better. Others may think a wheelchair is a hindrance, but she thinks it's pretty awesome.  Partially because she is in her own head so much and partially because she's a sweet girl, my Sweet Girl. 

Mr. Dreamy Eyelashes has become number one on Sweet Girl's Greatest Hits of school songs.  If she starts singing a song from school that involves any of the students' names, Mr. Dreamy Eyelashes is the first to get used.  And not because he's the only one she knows.  She knows everyone in her class.  Mrs. Sara told me that and I've seen it myself at drop-off.  It makes my heart happy when my formerly anti-social, withdrawn, anxiety-ridden Sweet Girl marches up to everyone at school saying "Hi! Hi, Mr. Dreamy Eyelashes (or insert appropriate name of student here)! Hi!"  We still need to work on her hand waving (currently it's a cross between hailing a cab and the Nazi salute) but her enthusiasm to see and interact with her peers (!!!!!!!)makes me smile so hard my cheeks squish my eyes closed, so that's not a big concern.  She may be more like her father than I previously thought.  And she may have a career as a WalMart greeter.

Little Man has also developed a crush on table food.  He would prefer to be done with that puree nonsense and would rather just have a turkey leg to gnaw on.  Chicken, turkey, gfcf pumpkin waffles, Cheerios, rice cakes, bring them on.  I cooked some ground turkey one night and was giving him some while also trying to get him to eat some pureed squash.  He likes squash but would have nothing to do with it until he ate all the turkey.  And then he wouldn't have anything to do with it until I gave him the empty bowl as proof that the turkey was, in fact, gone.  You can look out for his food blog, Little Man, Big Appetite, in the coming weeks.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention one other crush.  Sweet Girl has a crush on Papa.  And I could be mistaken, but I don't think this breaks Papa's heart.  The circus came to Newman for Thanksgiving and during those six days, and the weekend before that here in Clarksville, Papa's tickling ability got tested.  Papa put together a swing set and a trampoline and Sweet Girl all of a sudden had the urge to use tools.  And for a girl who doesn't say that much, "Where's Papa?" came out of her mouth an awful lot.  As a matter of fact, Papa was deemed the only acceptable swing-pusher at one point.  And I know I'm not mistaken when I say that didn't break my heart.  Sweet Girl certainly thinks Papa is pretty cool.  And a papa is not necessarily a bad person for a three year old to have a crush on.  I mean, he's no Mr. Dreamy Eyelashes, but he'll do.


  1. Hey! Tell those ladies at Walgreen's to back off my boyfriend! ;)

  2. I'd have to say she may just have more of her father in her than we thought, but as long as she doesn't become a fighting blue hen, we're good.

  3. I'd like to think that Papa's eyelashes are very dreamy, but that may just because they probably look a lot like mine . . .

  4. Uncle Tod, eyelashes aside you and Papa have nothing (even collectively) on this kid's hair. She thinks his multiple braids are dreamy too. And last I checked neither you or Papa could handle a braid, let alone multiple braids. :)


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