Let's Give This a Try

I'm slow to the get on the blogging bandwagon, but anyone who's ever seen me run knows why.  After months (yes, I know people have been blogging for ages now - I said I was slow) of reading other people's blogs and being extremely grateful for their existence, I've decided to give it a try myself.  I have learned, laughed, and cried while reading other people's blogs.  I don't have goals nearly that lofty.  But I do hope this blog will provide a window (an appropriately sized window mind you) in to our family, particularly while my husband is off on another government-sponsored vacation to exotic locales.  I make no promises.  As I'm typing this I should be trying to make a gfcf dinner for Sweet Girl and Little Man is wailing to get out of the jumperoo.  However, I'm going to give the old college try and hopefully it will all work out. 

So, welcome, anyone who comes this way.  Sweet Girl and Little Man are happy to have you here.


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