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Mary Sue

     Today my Grammy Sue passed away.  Many of you who are kind enough to be reading this would have known her.  And if you knew her then you liked her...a lot, because she liked you a lot too, hon.  I don't need to tell you all about her because you probably are one of her children, or grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, a friend, a fellow coffee-drinker, a St. Louis Cardinals fan, an Illini devotee, a lottery scratcher scratcher, someone who attended the grade school where she was the secretary for years, a neighbor, or maybe one of her "kids".  Actually, we're all her kids.  That was the thing about Grammy Sue, she knew that you can't run out of love if you give it away to others.     Grammy Sue knew how to perfectly microwave a scrambled egg.  It might have had something to do with the wattage of her microwave, but it had everything to do with her making it.  No one else could do it just the same.  Grammy made the most delicious fried apple pie and molass

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